Metamodels for Transformational Change

The biggest challenge of change for us lies in our inability to shift
patterns of insight and behaviour easily from less to more viable forms.
Someone once told me that a feature of insanity is to respond to failure by
doing more of the same thing. But people, and especially sytems, are
governed by habit, so that our very nature would seem to tend towards

Otto Scharmer, based at MIT, calls habitual action “downloading,” and his
Theory U describes a process of “deep diving” to what he calls “source,”
from which reality-based action becomes possible.

At there is a facinating blog on the
application of the U-process. Links to the Society for Organisational
Learning, a large video library on transformational change, and facilitation
tools are available.

Scharmer’s book, Theory U, is also an excellent current text on the process
of transformational change, with strong references to business and
organisation, and using insights which I reconize from the artisic process
of creativity as well as patterns from spiritual consciousness traditions.

Thankfully, humanity has a history of making evolutionary leaps at exactly
the point where we most need them. Scharmer gives us some tools to perhaps
accelerate the process.


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